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Tom Wurtz

“After 37 years of being a president and chief operating officer, turnaround expert, business consultant,  leadership and profit speaker, trainer, author and columnist, I’ve learned that unleashing an employee’s talent is the secret to unleashing profits.” - Tom Wurtz

I teach leadership skills, process improvements  and profit strategies to employees, managers and executives.  I call it Eagle Leadership. It’s not for everyone.

It’s the art of seeing and hearing what every other leader sees and hears but thinking what no other leader is thinking.

The Mindset of an Eagle Leader starts with four core principles.

  1. God doesn’t make junk. Each of us has a purpose.
  2. Most people only use 10% of their God-given talents,
  3. It’s a leader’s duty to unleash talent and unleash profits, and
  4. Profits are the fuel of every business.

I’ve found that every company has hidden profits of 10-20%. Many leaders don’t see or care about that reality. I’ve also found that leaders will not unleash these profits unless they’re skilled on where to look. I teach those skills. Continue reading

An Odd History Lesson on Employee Loyalty

tokyo rose 2Why do some employees display unshakeable loyalty to their company? This question has puzzled me for a long time. Are employees loyal to their leaders, co-workers or are they loyal to the ideals their company represents?

I recently researched an amazing story about an amazing woman. For my entire life, I considered her a villain. I just found out that she was a hero and her loyalty to America stunned me.   Continue reading

Is 30/30/30 Decision Making Strategy for You?

ideasThe number one responsibility of a leader is to make timely decisions. If you’re in leadership, you know that sounds easier than it is. At the moment of truth, nervousness, fear of what might happen, and conflict are paralyzing realities.

Do you make emotional decisions that you later wish you could change? Do you delay decisions hoping events will change and you won’t need to decide? Are you proud of your decision making track record? Are your employees?

I urge leaders to use a simple decision making formula I call 30/30/30. It’s designed to bring a reality-based perspective to the process. Continue reading

I teach leadership skills, process improvements and profit strategies to employees, managers & executives. I call it the Eagle Leadership Academy.