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“After 37 years of being a president and chief operating officer, turnaround expert, business consultant, leadership and profit speaker, trainer, author and columnist, I’ve learned that unleashing an employee’s talent is the secret to unleashing profits.” - Tom Wurtz

But how do you unleash this talent?

In December, my youngest daughter is getting married. I will hand off my Angel to her future husband and make some snappy comment. I will wear the best smile an overly-protected father can muster. I will take my place in church and trust her new “man” will love and protect her as I have for the past twenty-five years.

Isn’t that what leaders do in their businesses every day? Leaders hand off their precious “baby” to employees and trust that they will love and protect her.

Just like an overly-protective parent, isn’t it a leader’s responsibility to educate, develop and protect the hopes and dreams of their employees as they do for their loved ones?

When I was the president and chief operating officer at a $70 million consulting firm in Cincinnati, I did my best to educate, develop and protect the families of 600 employees.

The most important question is, “How is that done?” Who teaches leaders to understand that every employee needs to unleash our God-given chemicals of endorphins, dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin? Without mastering these body chemicals, organizations will not reach their maximum potential.

My skill set is helping organization built such a culture by building Eagle employees. I call it the Eagle Leadership Academy. It’s not for everyone. It’s a no-nonsense approach to developing leadership skills, process improvements and profit ideas.

I’ve found that every company has hidden profits of 10-20%. Many leaders don’t see or care about that reality. I’ve also found that leaders and employees will not unleash these profits unless they’re skilled on where to look. I teach those skills. Continue reading

How One Decision Caused Three Leaders to Resign

employee turnoverWe were a David consulting firm battling against a bunch of Goliath competitors. We were struggling to grow in the large client market. We needed a WOW story to differentiate our services.

I had a “brilliant” idea. It would improve quality, speed, customer service and tax savings for our clients while reducing our costs at the same time. I loved it. I believed our clients and prospects would love it too.

My “brilliant” idea was quit simple. I just finished a sales presentation where I proudly bragged about all the experience and longevity of many of our top employees. Then the following statement jumped into my brain, “Good luck trying to get in touch with any of them.” That statement really bothered me because it was true. Continue reading

How To Eliminate Corporate Politics

office politicsIs your company being destroyed by company politics?

Arrogant employees call it positioning. Blunt employees, like me, use words like gossipers, manipulators, backstabbers, brown-nosers or career assassins. The term you use is not important. The only thing that’s important is will you permit your company to play politics or not. The only people who can stop corporate politics is leadership, unfortunately many leaders are the biggest offenders.

How many times have you heard a leader say? Continue reading

I teach leadership skills, process improvements and profit strategies to employees, managers & executives. I call it the Eagle Leadership Academy.