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“After 37 years of being a president and chief operating officer, turnaround expert, business consultant, leadership and profit speaker, trainer, author and columnist, I’ve learned that unleashing an employee’s talent is the secret to unleashing profits.” - Tom Wurtz

But how do you unleash this talent?

In December, my youngest daughter is getting married. I will hand off my Angel to her future husband and make some snappy comment. I will wear the best smile an overly-protected father can muster. I will take my place in church and trust her new “man” will love and protect her as I have for the past twenty-five years.

Isn’t that what leaders do in their businesses every day? Leaders hand off their precious “baby” to employees and trust that they will love and protect her.

Just like an overly-protective parent, isn’t it a leader’s responsibility to educate, develop and protect the hopes and dreams of their employees as they do for their loved ones?

When I was the president and chief operating officer at a $70 million consulting firm in Cincinnati, I did my best to educate, develop and protect the families of 600 employees.

The most important question is, “How is that done?” Who teaches leaders to understand that every employee needs to unleash our God-given chemicals of endorphins, dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin? Without mastering these body chemicals, organizations will not reach their maximum potential.

My skill set is helping organization built such a culture by building Eagle employees. I call it the Eagle Leadership Academy. It’s not for everyone. It’s a no-nonsense approach to developing leadership skills, process improvements and profit ideas.

I’ve found that every company has hidden profits of 10-20%. Many leaders don’t see or care about that reality. I’ve also found that leaders and employees will not unleash these profits unless they’re skilled on where to look. I teach those skills. Continue reading

When Two Men in Business Agree, One of Them Is Unnecessary (Are You the Unnecessary One)

wrigley 3The above quote by William Wrigley, Jr. should terrify every leader. You must differentiate your career or you will die. Right now a leader somewhere is trying to decide who will receive a job, promotion, salary increase or be shown the door. If you find yourself having the same skills as other leaders, your career opportunities are in jeopardy. Let’s learn from Mr. Wrigley and not let that happen.

Leadership Lesson: Differentiate yourself or you will experience a Casper career. Invisible careers are unprofitable careers.

William Wrigley, Jr. was a remarkable capitalist and leader. Born in 1861, he began his legendary sales career, at the age of 13, selling soap as a traveling salesman. Was he forced to work as child-labor by a greedy capitalist? Hardly! He begged his father for the job as he believed he was “just about the best salesman who ever drew breath.” It turns out he was right. Continue reading

Leadership Lessons from Major League Baseball

baseball batI always wanted to be a professional baseball player. While my heart said yes, my baseball skills said no.

I’ve often wondered if I could handle the life of a baseball player. A profession where my words would be irrelevant as my results would speak for me. Could I really handle a business where my every move would be analyzed and discussed on television, radio and print? I don’t know if I could survive the scrutiny. Could you? Continue reading

I teach leadership skills, process improvements and profit strategies to employees, managers & executives. I call it the Eagle Leadership Academy.