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Tom Wurtz

“After 37 years of being a president and chief operating officer, turnaround expert, business consultant, leadership and profit speaker, trainer, author and columnist, I’ve learned that unleashing an employee’s talent is the secret to unleashing profits.” - Tom Wurtz


Former president & chief operating office of $70 million consulting firm with 600 employees (1978 – 2008).

The 11th person hired in 1978 and worked my way from an account executive to President/Chief Operating Officer.

We built 15 diverse divisions from $500,000 to $70 million. Entire infrastructure, technology, processes and measurements were developed internally.

Responsible for generating profits in the 25-50% range.

Responsible for turning around unprofitable acquisitions. For example, redesigned a division that was spending $1.32 for every dollar in revenue to $0.72.

Created the Eagle Leadership Program to develop the next generation of leaders.

National Keynote Speaker on leadership skills & profit strategies.

Author of three books:

    • The Eagle Within – Success Principles from a Simple American
    • The Score’s Wrong – The Lunatic Rantings of a Volleyball Dad
    • Corporate Common Sense – Revolutionary Business Lessons Inspired by Thomas Paine

For six years, published weekly Eagle e-Lessons to subscribers.

Published 974 business & political articles. Columnist in weekly newspapers.

Personal library consisting of 682 business & political books.

In 2012, ran for U.S. Congress in Kentucky’s 4th District – Republican.

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blamestormingBaseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Blamestorming. Now that’s America!

I have a different take on Blamestorming. Most “educated” experts are going to disagree with me on this lesson. For a long time, I’ve believed that the “touchy-feely” culture is going to destroy businesses.

I like blamestorming and I also believe it should be required in all companies. The Ducks among us have twisted our business culture to make it politically incorrect to blame those responsible for making our business lives a living nightmare. Why is it wrong to blame those who deserve to be blamed? I don’t get it. Continue reading

How One Decision Caused Three Leaders to Resign

employee turnoverWe were a David consulting firm battling against a bunch of Goliath competitors. We were struggling to grow in the large client market. We needed a WOW story to differentiate our services.

I had a “brilliant” idea. It would improve quality, speed, customer service and tax savings for our clients while reducing our costs at the same time. I loved it. I believed our clients and prospects would love it too.

My “brilliant” idea was quit simple. I just finished a sales presentation where I proudly bragged about all the experience and longevity of many of our top employees. Then the following statement jumped into my brain, “Good luck trying to get in touch with any of them.” That statement really bothered me because it was true. Continue reading

I teach leadership skills, process improvements and profit strategies to employees, managers & executives. I call it the Eagle Leadership Academy.